Belsie + 21 + Canada i have a peter pan complex thats a really big problem. don't pin your heart on my sleeve.

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i-should-know-by-now said: BlueBell Fairy

A strange superstition I have? If I’m up in the middle of the night, I won’t walk through my hallway to my kitchen, I’ll cross through the living room because I have a feeling my cats spirit is resting in the hallway. 

Thank you!!! <333 

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Send a flower fairy!! 

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"Anyway, no, we are not jealous of him. If anything, I would want people to know the real Pete Wentz. I get the impression that people don’t really want to know him, because he’s not the bad guy on the reality show. He’s the most loyal guy I know, to a fault actually. He’s one of those guys who will never stand against his friends. Here’s an analogy. If he’s gonna make some money off shoveling coal, he’s gonna bring his friend on with him, and his friend is gonna shovel coal. If the friend’s not good at shoveling coal, Pete will shovel more coal to make sure that guy gets his share, even if the guy is doing terrible work. The guy could sit down, relax, and open up a book, and Pete’s still gonna be shoveling coal for that guy. He is the most loyal guy I know. He reminds me a lot of the portrayal of Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys just in the way that in Jersey Boys, and I don’t know if this is the true story, one of the other singers in the Four Seasons racks up this huge gambling debt and Frankie Valli is like, “We’ll pay for it, we will never ask for it back, we’ll just pay for it, he’s just gotta not do it again,” and that’s the kind of guy Pete is."

- Patrick Stump 

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